Question for you:

Are you the kind of person that has tried everything under the sun to get healthy and lose weight, but failed? If so, then you’re like me. I’ve been that person. The person who’s only eaten 1200 calories a day, the person who’s racked up hours upon hours on the elliptical…I once even tried something called “The Ice Cream Diet: (pshshshs…well you can imagine how well that one worked out…). After years of struggling with weight loss, I realized something.  The reason that most diets, shreds and fads don’t work is because they ONLY look into food. If you just raised an eyebrow in confusion, that’s OK. Stick with me for a sec.

True achievable, sustainable, healthy weight loss involves a hell of a lot more than calorie cutting and cardio. It involves food as fuel, movement, fresh air, good sleep, a healthy social life (some even call it “play”), fulfilling your passions and self reflection. What I’m trying to say is that  it involves a lifestyle change. This kind of coaching is going to take a holistic look into what’s going on, what’s not working, how to make the changes that will make it work, and the commitment and honesty to get there.


I’m calm and compassionate and can dish out a helping of tough love when it’s called for…but I don’t yell. I believe in the “JERF” philosophy (JUST EAT REAL FOOD). From the farm, to the plate. Food comes from things that sprouted up from the ground or previously belonged to a properly nourished, well treated animal selfless enough to give it’s life for the sake of sustaining yours. “It’s the circle of life and it moves us all…” (The Lion King? Anybody?) right? If it came in a box or a bag, makes sure you can understand all the ingredients in it. Otherwise, chuck it.






  • First Time Initial Strategy Session  I want to know where exactly you are in your health/wellness journey and what you desire to accomplish
  • 3 Month Coaching Program or 6 Month Coaching Program (options to continue available after that)
  • Virtual Chats – We do weekly or biweekly face-to-face calls via skype
  • Support – Between calls you’ve got access to me via email and text message
  • Self -Reflection – Journaling! One of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful tool we’ll use throughout the time that we work together. I give you access to a shared (with me only), online CTW journal, created just for you. It’s here that you’ll record things such as: meals, sleep, activity, movement/exercise, fear, accomplishments and other things from your personal life. We dig deep so you can come out on the other end victorious!
  • Get Her Done – After most chats I’ll give you some homework (the fun kind) that you’ll need to work through and bring to the table at the next call



  • assessments: body type, measurements, clothing measurements
  • gratitude
  • how to measure your food without counting calories (a strategy you can take with you anywhere)
  • sleep and how it can boost your fatloss
  • sugar cravings, addiction and stress eating
  • good digestion and why it’s the key to weightloss
  • food sensitivities

  • how to eat for your body type and it’s needs (activity level, mood and goals)
  • planning meals cheaply and efficiently
  • main causes of weight gain
  • protein and how much your body really needs
  • a balance between work and rest
  • feeding your soul vs. fueling your soul
  • social situations and eating out and how to handle it all



Get a one-on-one strategy session with me (Delfina) and begin your journey towards discovering YOUR code to wellness right now. If you’re ready to reclaim your health, then click the “Let’s Connect” button and let’s do this thing! LIGHT BULB MOMENTS 100% GUARANTEED!



 This is determined by chat frequency (either weekly or biweekly).


“…after four years in college struggling to maintain my weight I decided I needed help losing weight in a healthy way. Delfina helped me change my habits…and…learn to love…[moving]…again. She understood where I was coming from because she had once been there herself. I learned how to eat well for the first time in my life. I learned that weight loss is a journey; not instantaneous. Delfina was their coaching, teaching and guiding me the whole way. You aren’t just buying…session[s]…you are investing in yourself, your health. I lost forty pounds in about a 4-month span, but after working with Delfina I realized that it isn’t about what I lost, it is about what I gained, the knowledge about my body. I learned how to listen to my body and how to take care of myself. I don’t think there is a word for what Delfina has helped me accomplish, but all I know is I found what I had lost and discovered more about health and wellness than I ever imagined. It’s not weight loss; it’s a lifestyle change. If you choose to work with Delfina you are making the right investment in yourself and your future. It changed my life and I feel like a completely new and invigorated person.”

-Rebekah Lauer

“In the first month working with Code to Wellness, I lost 10 lbs. The support, encouragement and in between call support has been amazing. I’ve worked with many health coaches in my time and Delfina KNOWS how to get to the ROOT of the problem, and GET RESULTS, FAST. – Ashley Ryan,

– Ashley Ryan,


“I was eight months in of letting my health slide too far for my comfort level. I got help from Delfina ending a spell of teetering of what I wanted for myself vs. what I was actually doing for myself that I was proud of. As a result, I got refocused on my health and started giving my body the attention it was due. I am again happy and content with the decisions I make taking care of my body! The alignment and movement education and practice was nothing short of awesome. The private sessions made me feel so much better and when I found ways to incorporate them into my daily life, it gave me even more bang for the buck (and made noticeable improvement in my ability to move little things like my hips and toes!). While our focus was mainly on proper alignment and movement, she also helped me get focused and find peace with the food choices I made. After two years of Paleo, I was burned out and frustrated not knowing how to make a smooth transition into the next thing for my husband and I. She helped me to expand my vision for my own “Code to Wellness” and as a result, I’m no longer carrying the guilt and confusion around and am eating better than I have in the past eight months pre-Delfina. She’s highly committed to bringing her extensive knowledge to you in a useful and enjoyable way; a way to help you make changes you love and will stick with.

I can’t recommend Delfina’s work enough. If you’re looking for someone to guide you to optimal health with smarts, heart, and a really playful attitude, she’s definitely your go-to!”

-Nicole Karon,


“I began working with Delfina about three months ago, and upon meeting her I was immediately impressed by her professional, yet entirely personable demeanor. This was to be my first experience working with a…[health coach] and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Delfina’s infectious positivity, matched with a wonderfully calming, sensitive disposition made it impossible to hold on to any of the apprehension I may have had to begin with. A quality I greatly admire in Delfina is her holistic approach to health. As a professional musician, it is very important to me to understand and acknowledge the inextricable links between physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I was delighted to learn that Delfina was interested in addressing my health goals surrounding physical fitness, diet and nutrition, stress reduction, daily life habits, and beyond. It was a personal bonus to learn that she herself is an accomplished pianist, and can therefore directly relate to the many joys and challenges that I face in my profession. Sessions with Delfina are fun and always informative. I feel she meets me where I’m at each day, and is able to adapt to my needs in the moment, while still challenging me to bring out my best effort. Her process is very comprehensive, and entirely organic in it’s application to daily life. Results of working with Delfina so far include improved diet, energy levels, and stress management, as well as a nearly 25 pound weight loss! I love feeling more and more engaged and aware of my body, and feel stronger and fitter with each passing week. I am constantly pleased and surprised to notice how these improvements permeate other areas of my life, and am thrilled to continue working with her, and to keep building this momentum. I can say with absolutely no reservation that the decision to work with Delfina has been one of the best personal health decisions I have made, and am certain I will look back at this experience as a pivotal moment in my life-long quest for optimal wellness.”

-Adrienne Clark


“I originally started…to prepare for my first 5K. I never considered myself a runner, but I signed up for the race benefiting cancer research after my mother had been diagnosed with it weeks prior. My goal was to just get through the 5K without stopping or walking. Delfina gave me the encouragement and fitness planning to accomplish my goal. I finished in 30 minutes (and I beat my fastest time!) I kept training with EnForma Fit because I noticed how much less stressed I was after a session with Delfina. My wedding was coming up that year and I decided that it was time to set a new goal: get fit for the wedding! I won’t lie- we worked very hard, but it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Delfina always comes up with new ideas, moves and modifications to make the most out of every session. You’ll never get bored with Delfina! I felt confident on my wedding day and I had multiple people come up to me and asked what I did to look so toned! Thanks to…[Code to Wellness]… – I feel phenomenal physically and I’m living a life of less stress!”

-Tiffany Mullins


“Delfina helped me regain my strength and stamina after a serious illness. Her approach was to allow me to set my own goals at the outset, while she created individualized workout sessions to help me achieve them. She kept my…[sessions]…varied, interesting and appropriate to….[me]…. I especially liked that she regularly performed check-ins to ensure that I was not experiencing excessive fatigue or muscle aches following our workout sessions. She was well-informed about exercise and fitness, flexible about scheduling, and always responsive to my questions and concerns. On top of all that, she was so upbeat and encouraging, she was a joy to work with!”

-Carol Rugg


“When I first met Delfina, I had two goals. One was to be able to garden without back pain and the second was to lose some weight. We are making good progress towards both goals. Weight loss and fitness is a life long process. Delfina is giving me the tools and knowledge to be in charge of my fitness. Her approach is very professional. She carefully chooses workout session exercises that target the areas needed to be worked on. We also work on general fitness, as well as, cardiovascular endurance. Each session is different. I really appreciate her creative approach in designing each training session. It is never boring or routine. Delfina is very positive and encouraging. Her commitment to reaching goals and finding ways to keep up the level of interest in the work is very motivational. Besides her expertise in training sessions, she has a very strong knowledge about healthy eating habits and weight loss. She has taught me how to make adjustments in my eating patterns that create results. She has given me books to read and made me aware of journals and other methods to get in touch with my eating patterns. I have learned how to make smart choices. I would highly recommend Delfina to anyone interested in general fitness, weight loss or work on problem areas. My overall fitness, core strength, flexibility and leg and arm strength have definitely improved. Fitness is empowering! The benefits of fitness spill over into other parts of life. Working with Delfina has enabled me to have control of my weight and my fitness which is invaluable.

Thanks Delfina!”



“I first began working with Delfina in January of this year, and she patiently and expertly guided me to a much more thorough understanding of my body and its strength and endurance. I am a professional classical singer and voice teacher, and my work with Delfina has had a huge impact on my singing, as well as my teaching this year. I have so much more core strength and stability, and I also know much better how to explain the process of developing core strength and postural stamina, which is vital to becoming a classical singer. I have recommended her to number of my students and colleagues as a wonderful instructor who makes every attempt to craft her nutrition and exercise plans so that they suit every individual’s needs. I chose to hire a…[health coach]…because I knew I needed to exercise more, but I was worried that I could hurt myself by doing the wrong things. Delfina was just the guide I needed! She was patient and encouraging, and I also found her to be very knowledgeable and creative. She set clear exercise and nutrition goals, and I am happy to say that I have lost at least 17.5lbs since we began work together. [Now]…I feel like I have a clear idea of how to proceed because of what Delfina has taught me.

Thank you Delfina!” -Caroline Helton


“Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe Delfina has been working with me since mid-January and I have come a long way. Working with Delfina has been great. She really puts you through your paces, but every minute is so worth it. I am so much stronger, more flexible and more energetic then I have ever been. Really it is quite amazing. Delfina takes the time to know you, and then she creates a program that fits you. [When] she works with me… [It] gives me the knowledge to work the remainder of the time correctly and efficiently – instead of wasting my workouts.I also go to her Pi-Yo Class on Mondays – what a workout that is! You feel wonderful when you’re through… [And] a great stress reducer. Delfina believes our bodies were meant to keep moving. She has made me a believer too! She is a great trainer.”

– Karen Cottrell


“Delfina has been a wonderful trainer with an eye for detail and structure that has really helped me develop a sustainable exercise routine. My job has made regular work difficult due to frequent travel but she has worked with me to maintain strength and cardio that fit my lifestyle. Since starting with Delfina, I have seen increased energy and overall stamina in my daily life and I have reached my goals of working out four times a week on average. This program has really taught me how to monitor my progress and see how a healthier lifestyle can fit into my busy life.”

-Ashley Miller Hemholdt


“Delfina…I must say, she was a pleasure to work with…[She]…was very patient and understanding of my busy schedule. I appreciated her cheering me on week after week. I have learned many more things about my health, eating and exercise. I feel that my core is stronger and I have more energy. I can walk up a flight of stairs and I am breathing normal. I have lost 7 pounds and my goal is to lose 20 pounds by November 1, 2011. I am determined to stay on track and reach my goal!! Some things I learned: eat more green vegetables, mix up my breakfast meals, do not eat the same thing everyday, start out slow and build up your endurance when exercising.”

– Betty DuRocher