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Getting your picky eater to eat healthy foods can be done with this simple trick.

The Simple Trick That Gets Your Picky Eater To Eat

This is a guest post from Noelle Bryant, Motherhood & Lifestyle Blogger, KIDspiration Curator, and Total Mamarazzi.

When it comes to meal time we always want to choose the healthiest options for them but being toddlers they can be SO picky! So, I thought I would share with you, my simple trick to get your picky eater to EAT!

Meal Time Showdown with Picky Eaters

Going into mealtime with a picky eater, you have to be mentally prepared for a showdown. If there is one power struggle a kid can win it’s just that: MEALTIME.

See, the fact about it is we CAN NOT make them eat. We just can’t physically do it. So the trick I have found is making them think it is their choice. By doing this you cut out that need for a power struggle from your toddler and give them the “control.” But now you’re probably asking how exactly are you supposed to make the meal THEIR idea without sacrificing the healthy component. Well, it is actually seamlessly easy with this simple trick I learned and it has worked beautifully for my girls (more specifically my super picky almost 3-year-old).

One main component to making this method, that I am about to explain, work is making sure you limit the child’s snack or milk intake before mealtime. If they filled up on snacks then it’s no wonder they won’t be hungry when it’s mealtime. For us, we do breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack (something smaller like fruit/veggies) then dinner. After dinner nothing else if offered until the next morning. For those of you wondering, “Well, what about dessert?” I’ve got that covered too!