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So, what is Code to Wellness (CTW), anyway?
Well, let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not force-feeding yourself flavorless kale-speckled brown rice as you attempt to do a set of push-ups till you pass out. 
Code to Wellness is about reminding you that your body is a brilliant, bad-ass (healing) machine. And you deserve to feel really damn good in it. 
When you make the lifestyle choices to eat, move, and think optimally for YOUR body you have the ability to make course corrections over and over again. You have the ability to resolve your pain(s) and heal and in turn let go of your fears and opt-in to your desires so you can leave your unique stamp on the world.
I live my message by helping people like you navigate this process. That’s my calling. What’s yours?
At the end of the day, the things you choose to put in your body and the way you choose to move your body determine the way you feel about your body and ultimately your self worth.
So make a choice to know your self-worth and honor it every day.
Being a lover of food, I know that food is one of the many sensory pleasures of life. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to express love and creativity, as well as draw us back to fond memories. 
On the same token, food is fuel.
But it doesn’t have to be just one or the other. For a food to be truly nourishing, I believe it has to be BOTH. And, it can be!
How? By following the delicious recipes I’ve crafted and posted here on this site (that’s why I do recipe of the week you guys!), by caring about your food quality and by eating nutrient-dense food.
That means food that: came from fertile ground, swam in a clean ocean, or grazed on a green pasture and if slaughtered, was slaughtered compassionately and graciously. 
In the words of #1 New York Times bestselling author, internationally recognized educator, and Functional Medicine practitioner Dr. Mark Hyman, “Food is not just energy. Food is information. It contains instructions that communicate messages…” 
What you choose to put in your body affects your capacity to think and digest information, your endurance to wake up and make-it through the day, the on-ness or off-ness of your menstrual cycle, your immune system’s ability to fight off or give in to sickness, your weight loss or gain, and the mindSET or mindSTOP with which you choose to take on the day (among a lot of other things). 
Be a body nourisher and eat real food to both feed and fuel yourself.







In my days as a Certified Personal Trainer, I trained clients mainly for two reasons: to improve athletic performance/lose weight and to improve functional movement in activities of daily living.
But here’s what I noticed in my clients, my peers, and myself:
1 – People pushing themselves beyond their safe physical capabilities in order to achieve what they thought was optimal wellness despite pain
2- Fit people, with pain, assuming point one was enough to help them achieve optimal wellness, therefore resuming a sedentary lifestyle for rest of their day 
What I realized by watching all of this is that optimal wellness means so much more than just eating, sleeping, de-stressing and exercising.
It also means movement. Safe, effective, properly-aligned, natural movement in all situations, whether you’re at the gym or walking to your mailbox, so you can avoid PAIN and feel really damn good. 
And a workout is just NOT enough to give you all of that.
To accomplish all of the above, you have to think about movement differently, which means remembering that even though modern life doesn’t require a ton of natural movement, our bodies historically do. When they don’t get enough of it, they move out of alignment, freak out, and cause things like injury, chronic pain, decreased bone density, and metabolic dis-ease — all so that you’ll get the message loud and clear. 
Keeping our bodies properly-aligned means thinking of movement as a skill and cultivating a habit of natural movement throughout the day to master it; it’s not just something you do in a gym after work to obliterate calories.
It means touching our hands and feet to uneven, textured surfaces found outside in our natural environments, as well as hanging, swinging, climbing, hiking, and sprinting in it.
The point is, optimal wellness is a choice that requires us to be more than just healthy eaters, eight-hour-a-night-sleepers, take-a-deep-breath-de-stressers and habitual exercisers. It requires us to be, in the words of Biomechanist Katy Bowman, “…constantly kinetic human beings…” in both our man-made and natural environments.
So, let’s get moving!
Peter Pan really nailed it when he said, “Just think of happy things, and…[you] will fly on wings….” Why? Because he knew this: 
The way you choose to frame a situation has everything to do with the success or failure you experience in it.
Whether achieving optimal wellness is easy, hard, sad, or happy, in your reach or out of your grasp… it is almost always up to you. 
You control your thoughts, the ones that bind you to your fears and the ones that free you up to your desires. 
When you align your thoughts with your desires and your behaviors — that is what we call a recipe for success, or in our world, optimal wellness. 
“Believe you can and you will.” -Anonymous