How to Guiltlessly Indulge During the Holidays

I promise you, this post is not what you think it is. Read on if my devil’s advocacy has peaked your curiosity.

Do you ever really want to bring up a conversation, but have no idea where to start? Bingo! That’s about where I’m at. Every time I sign into Facebook or Instagram or whatever SM platform, I’m seeing this topic being covered forwards and backwards. Which then begs the question, what on earth can I add here that you haven’t heard that would ACTUALLY HELP you?

So, when I don’t know where to start, I actually head straight to the dictionary. Oddly enough, reminding myself of the pure definition of a word always helps.



Let’s Give Some TLC to Your TVT!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, than you’ve already heard me raving about what I blast I had going through the Yoga Tune Up (YTU) Level 1 Training in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. I mean, meeting Jill Miller (the creator of Yoga Tune Up) was reward enough, but doing an entire training. Lemme just tell…it was phenomenal!

A for those of you that are like “what on earth kind of yoga is that?!”

Allow me to quickly explain. It’s a form of what we like to call conscious fitness which helps you live better in your body.READ MORE


TGI Cornbread Recipe

So, I recently started up a Facebook group, in which we’ve started discussing the topic of the beginning of the “holiday stress period” i.e. The period in which we fret about gaining weight from things like:

  • The extra tastes we unconsciously graze on as we stroll through the grocery store
  • The basket of holiday cookies so thoughtfully given to us by our loved ones over which we feel guilted into eating a few…which in turn (and unbeknownst to our subconscious) morphs into devouring the entire thing
  • The surge in Cortisol from stressing about keeping our sh** together and avoiding food-and-life-shaming from the crowd of (sometimes-judgmental) 20+ people for which we’re preparing to host a gigantic holiday meal & party
  • And, probably lots more…

And then, I asked my people the following:READ MORE


Cacao Sesame Butter Cups Recipe

Wanna know something odd? When I was a kid, I thought…

Adults Never Ate Candy

My parents didn’t eat candy. Like, AT ALL. They ate the occasional square of dark chocolate here and there, but no M&M’s, Skittles, Sour Patch, Ring Pops or Snickers ever crossed their lips. So…I assumed that adults didn’t eat candy.

Until, of course, I was about four years old and I could consciously remember seeing other adults dive for my pillow-cover-trick-or-treat bag to steal it. It was then that I realized I had it wrong. Go figure…READ MORE

Papaya Popsicles

Papaya Popsicle Recipe – Improves Digestion & Response to Heat Stress

I live in Tampa. So for me and the rest of the northern hemisphere, we’re well into the warmest season of the year: Summer. And, Nothing screams summer like a popsicle. Am I right?

Think About It

On a sweltering day in July (it’s 85 plus degrees on the regular in my neck of the woods!) when even just wiggling my pinky makes me break a sweat, it makes sense that I instinctively want to load up on foods that both energize and hydrate me. As it so happens is the case with most of us. It seems to be one of those built in, primal instincts that’s stuck with us even in our modern surroundings.READ MORE


Fourth of July “Star-Spangled” Parfait

My ideal July 4th probably looks different than yours, being that it’s a scene straight out of my favorite movie, The Sandlot.   

It’s a magical scene played out to the sound of Ray Charles’ version of “America the Beautiful” (here’s the clip) .

The main characters, nine middle school-age boys who eat, sleep and breath baseball, run through their neighborhood block-party (swiping hot dogs off of picnic tables) as they head to the sandlot for a night game.  It’s the one night of the year where the firework-speckled sky allows them each to feel “…like the big leaders under the lights of some great stadium.”