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9 Easy Ways to Burn Fat this Holiday Season

Every year, around this time, I hear people using the holiday season as an excuse to fall off the wagon.“Oh, but my Auntie makes the best macaroni and cheese ever and I just can’t resist!”


“I have to bake 100 cookies for the holiday party tonight and have to taste-test at least five to make sure they’re ok.” Ok, fine. Don’t resist. No matter what you do or don’t celebrate, this is a time of year that is about spending QT with family, visiting old friends, making memories and of course enjoying a really good meal. You deserve to be a part of those things (mac n’ cheese and cookies included). So let yourself.


Halloween: A Former Pirates Take on It

I haven’t dressed up for the last two years. Gasp! And the year before that, I dressed up as a soccer player … (the thing is, I actually am a soccer player, so this was a super lame costume). You wanna know what’s even worse? If you asked me to tell you my favorite holidays, Halloween would be in my Top three! I know. I’m such a poser! I think back on some of my favorite costumes and there were certainly some Simba, Little Mermaid and Princess Jasmine costumes that come to mind. They were the awesome, hand-sewn-by-Mom type o’ costumes.