The 6 Best Chocolate Bars Ever!

The 6 Best Chocolate Bars Ever!

Aaaah chocolate, or shall I say, cacao? The delicacy that actually does grow on trees. Known for it’s healthy fat, antioxidant, blood-pressure and cardiovascular disease lowering properties. And, also known as a classic Valentine’s Day gift. I can’t stop the chocolate craze on Valentine’s Day and I don’t really want to. But I do want to modify it, so that if you’re consuming it, you’re consuming the best of it. I’ve picked out what in my opinion are the 6 best tasting, best nutrient dense and best satisfying chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Ready?

1 – Righteously Raw Caramel Bar  righteously rawI like truffles. That is the kind of gal I am. And that, is why this is my most favorite chocolate bar on the planet. Instead of using a caramel candy filling, like most truffles do, this bar is filled with raw, organic Lucuma. Oh what, you’ve never heard of it? No worries. I hadn’t either. Here’s what you need to know. It’s subtropical, it’s native to peru, it’s caramel colored and caramel tasting and basically a health-conscious, “truffle-kind-o-gal’s” dream filling. Aside from all of the above goodness, it breaks apart like a kit-kat. So fun! This bar is not very sweet compared to others. It’s got that “just sweet enough” kind of flavor due to the 90%  cacao content (this is super high, but more cacao = more antioxidant capacity!). If that’s your speed, then this bar is definitely your hostess with the most-ess. If you live in Tampa, I know for a fact you can get it at the Nutrition Smart on North Dale Mabry, otherwise, you might be able to pick it up at Whole Foods.

Rawmio2 – Rawmio Hazelnut and Fig Raw Chocolate Bark I’m very picky about fruits and chocolate. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that chocolate should go on top of everything. I don’t like it with oranges, I don’t like it with blueberries…I didn’t even come around to the whole “bacon and chocolate” phenomena until about 2 weeks ago, when I finally gave in and tried it (not gonna lie…it’s damn good). But figs and chocolate?! Now we’re talking. On a side note, the fact that they added sprouted nuts, which are much more easily digested than un-sprouted nuts, is another huge plus. This bar is a bit sweeter than the first, but not by much. Even so, it’s a combination sent straight from Mount Olympus. I’ve seen this one in Whole Foods before, or again if you live in Tampa Nutrition Smart on North Dale Mabry

3 – Coconut Secret Peruvian Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar This bar is one of the few bars that is sweetened with coconut palm sugar (bar #2 is one of the other few), which is a low-glycemic sweetener (i.e. it breaks down into sugar and enters your blood stream to feed your cells more slowly than the majority of other sweeteners…this is a good thing). All that really means, is that because of the sweetener used, this bar is less likely to give you a “sugar high” without sacrificing sweetness (it is most certainly sweeter than the other two, but not sickeningly sweet). Also, the toasted coconut gives it a great crunch. If you’re a crunch bar kind of person, this is right up your alley. Find it at Nutrition Smart on North Dale Mabry (if you live in Tampa) otherwise I’ve seen it at local health food stores.

Pure 77% Chocolate Bar4 – Mindo Chocolate Bars Straight-up, pure, chocolate bliss. No bells and whistles, just Ecuadorian, heirloom, bean-to-bar cacao. Need I say more? If you live in Ann Arbor, you can find it at places likePeople’s Food Co-op, Zingerman’s, and Sweetwater’s Cafe.



5 – Theo Chili Chocolate BarTheo This bar reminds me of my true, all time favorite dessert: a warm mug of champurrado. I used to have it after a day of snowboarding (which I did a lot when I lived in Michigan). Champurrado is Mexican hot chocolate, sometimes called Atole. Most recipes include cinnamon, anise, and vanilla, but the best ones always add in a splash of chili powder, just like this bar. The combo creates that all over kind of warmth that you get from wearing your favorite, fleece-lined sweater. Pick it up atWhole Foods.




Vosges6 – Vosges: Mo’s Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar As you read above, I was NOT a supporter of the bacon and chocolate marriage idea in the slightest…until I wondered into Whole Foods (yes, I sometimes do this), where curiosity got the better of my inner crunchy kitty at the sight of a sample next to the checkout register. I admit it it. I was wrong. REALLY wrong! Bacon and chocolate is delicious.

 So, what do you think? Which ones you’re favorite?




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