The 5 Pillars of Sticking to & Succeeding at Your New Year’s Resolutions

The 5 Pillars of Sticking to & Succeeding at Your New Year’s Resolutions

Well hey! Welcome to week three of year 2015. Motivation is high and spirits are free! Last week I shared with you my 2014 highlights, my New Year’s goals and New Year’s resolution strategies that work. This week I want to share how to stick with and making yours work for you for the long haul. 

Here’s a recap of my goals:

1. Write a hand written letter to Kevin (the child I’ve been sponsoring for years) once a month.

2. Write in my gratitude journal every single night before I go to bed no matter how tired I am.

3. Do the Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience.

By the way, so far so good on these. I’ve started to do the meditations in the morning and am loving them. I’m planning to add in #2 in a couple of weeks and will do #1 on the 26th 🙂

So while I seem to be doing fine (thankfully) with my own resolutions, this week I happened to read a very disconcerting statistic from the Journal of Clinical Psychology that said these three things:

1 – Weight Loss is the #1 New Year’s Resolution (no surprise here for those of us who live in the western world).

2 – 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution (cool, nearly half of us are giving it a go).

3 – 8% of those people actually succeed in achieving their resolution (What?! That means 92% of resolution-makers are failing!).

Clearly, these stats make New Year’s Resolution successes look kinda bleek, especially for those of us working towards weight loss.

But guess what. That’s not you. Not this year, because you are part of the Code to Wellness tribe and we are here to support!

And to help you out, here are The 5 Pillars of Sticking to & Succeeding at Your New Year’s Resolutions (bonus recipe link at the bottom!) –

#1 –Share your goals publicly and you’re more likely to stick to them (definitely use this trick if you actually want to accomplish what you say you want to accomplish)
#2 – Make them super specific, so that you can’t get weird and wishy-washy about them and somehow finagle your way out of them
#3 – Put them in front of you so that they are constantly in the forefront of your mind. I have a sticky-note with my three goals right above my desk so that I see them everyday. There are lots of ways to do this one. Figure out what will allow you to see them everyday and put them there.
#4 – If you have more than one resolution, execute them “lasagna style”. What does that mean? One layer at a time. I usually like a rate of one change every one-two weeks (depending on the difficulty of the change). That’s why above you saw me give a few dates in the future as I gave you updates on my progress with my New Year’s goals. Doing it all at once is simply too overwhelming for me, but they are reasonable goals that I know I can accomplish if I spread out the starting dates. This way I have some time to let one really sink in and get comfortable with it before starting the other.
#5 – Celebrate and share your successes (especially the small ones)! If you’ve been consistent with your New Year’s resolution for at least 14 days, celebrate! Remember #1 – share your goals publicly? Keep us posted on your progress. We want to know that you’re doing well. We want you to succeed! And we want to be there to congratulate you when you have successes. Share them on the Code to Wellness FB page, share them on your personal page, tweet them, insta-them, pin-them, call your parents, your best friend, your neighbor…however you want to share, just do it. Sharing it with the world will make you feel fantastic and fuel your motivation to keep up the good work. And of course, positive reinforcement from others is always welcome (although never the primary point of interest). Do this one consistently and watch yourself not only get closer and closer to your desired end result, but enjoy the process along the way (because honestly, that’s really what it’s about).
#6 – No matter what your goals are, whether they are related to weight-loss or not, fuel yourself for success. Roller coasters are amusement park rides, not desirable reactions from the foods we choose to eat. If you know certain foods take you for that kind of ride (refined sugar, caffeine and grains are common culprits for many), then you are working against yourself. What we put in (and on) our bodies can truly affect our outlook on the day and our outlook on life. Respect what you’ve set out to do by keeping your body, and in turn your mind, primed to accomplish whatever you’ve set out to accomplish in 2015.

Which is why I’ve got a delicious, easy, fuel-worthy Crunchola Recipe (grain free granola) for you here! It’s gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo & vegan friendly and just plain-freekin’-delicious!


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