Halloween: A Former Pirates Take on It

Halloween: A Former Pirates Take on It

I haven’t dressed up for the last two years. Gasp! And the year before that, I dressed up as a soccer player … (the thing is, I actually am a soccer player, so this was a super lame costume). You wanna know what’s even worse? If you asked me to tell you my favorite holidays, Halloween would be in my Top three! I know. I’m such a poser! I think back on some of my favorite costumes and there were certainly some Simba, Little Mermaid and Princess Jasmine costumes that come to mind. They were the awesome, hand-sewn-by-Mom type o’ costumes.

But not long after I had played my fare share of Disney characters, I for some reason got really into pirates. And I’m not talking like the ultra-girly, semi-clad, stiletto-wearing pirates either (if you’re into that, it’s totally cool). I’m talking about the swash-buckling, sword swinging, treasure-obsessed, eye-patch-glaring, hook drivin’, yo-ho-ho-it’s-a-pirate’s-life-for-me kinda pirates. The Captain Hooks and Jack Sparrows of the world kinda pirates.

Here’s me as a pirate in elementary school and then later in college:

Pirate closest

My brother and I in elementary school.

Pirate college

Undergrad at the University of Michigan. Go blue!

I was a pirate not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. FOUR TIMES! I mean come on! There’s got to be a reason for this. Don’t you think? I have a naturally rebellious soul, which is a must for any pirate. I did a little fencing when I was in elementary school and I was quite protective of the contents of my piggy bank as a pirate might be of his gold.

At the end of the day, I could probably psychoanalyze myself to death over why I like being a pirate so much. The thing is,it really doesn’t matter. And THAT, is what Halloween is really about.

It’s the one day of the year where WHAT YOU ARE DOESN’T MATTER.

Now, I’m not saying that this just so you’ll stop yourself from gorging on mounds of almond joys and blowpops (although if this does the trick, awesome!). I was planning to include some healthier sweet treats in another post for your sticky and delicious halloween enjoyment! I’m saying this because throughout most of the year, we often find ourselves, or maybe are even forced into many a different role. And frankly, it gets tiring wearing so many hats: chef, athlete, 9-5 professional, parent, teacher.

On top of that, most of us wander around concerned about who we are, how we dress, what we look like, where we’ll be in the next five years, when we’re going to make a six figure income…Even if you like what you do and who you are most of the time …the whole thing …it can sometimes feel constraining.

But “constraining” and “Halloween” go together like froyo and tabasco (i.e.NOT AT ALL!).

Halloween is the one day of the year where all the social pressures above, go completely out the window. You can decide to be or wear anything you like. Fangs, horns, swords, fairy dust, light sabers, x-ray vision and slime? Bring it on! No matter what it’s ALL acceptable 🙂

So, I say make THAT the focus of Halloween this year for you and your family. Bring out your batman costumes or whatever else you’ve hidden away in your mental-closet of “I’m too old to believe in fairytales” … even if just for one day … and BE THAT.

Disclaimer: this post is in no way promoting that dangerous or perverted acts are acceptable during Halloween. Nor is it legitimizing Halloween as a day where gorging until you make yourself sick is part of a healthy lifstyle. All information here is written in the spirit of compassion and good fun. None of this information is intended to replace an individual relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

Delfina Bonilla-Lopez

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