Tiramisu Top View

Easy, Gluten-Free Tiramisu Trifle


My favorite Italian layer cake. It’s spongey, yet creamy, decadent and romantic. 

Why It’s On My List of “Favorite Cakes Ever”

I’m not sure when it entered my unofficial, mental list of “Favorite Cakes Ever”. It might have been after the time I made it as a surprise anniversary gift for my parents one year. I don’t quite remember what number anniversary it was, but I think I was in 8th grade. Anyways, they loved it! Everyone loved it! I mean there was NO leftover tiramisu. They were just so happy that my pre-teen mind had made space to both remember and do something thoughtful for them on such a special occasion. Score!

Ever since then it’s held such a special place in my mind which is why I decided to tackle coming up with my own, unique, REAL FOOD, “taste good do good”, Code to Wellness – supporting recipe for my birthday (last week).

And now, it’s finally here. I’m so excited to share it with you!

For those of you that are in the dark about Tiramisu, there really are only a few key things to know.

Mainly this:

  • it’s got a coffee-drenched cookie layer (the ladyfingers)
  • followed by a creamy, custardy layer (sabayon or zabaione)
  • sometimes the creamy layer is topped with cacao or nuts
  • it’s no bake, instead, refrigerate (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it! Lol. Sorry, you know I love corny jokes)!





If you’re a part of THIS community then, these are all likely words that resonate with you. Maybe you’d even use them to describe you.

You’re probably charging through life, ‘gettin’ her done’ (as they say), like nobody’s business, but the one thing that is still nagging you at the back of your mind is your health; more specifically your weight.

Maybe it’s the weight you’ve put on since starting a business or a demanding career. Maybe it’s ‘baby weight’. OR, maybe weight loss is something you’ve struggled with since you were a teenager.

Whatever the case may be, I feel you. I’ve been in all of those situations (minus the ‘baby weight’ because I don’t have kiddos yet) and you know what, the weight loss struggle is rough. Because it’s about so much more than JUST that. It’s about how we truly feel in our own skin which effects how we show up to our jobs, friends, families and how we show up for ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY.