Fourth of July “Star-Spangled” Parfait

My ideal July 4th probably looks different than yours, being that it’s a scene straight out of my favorite movie, The Sandlot.   

It’s a magical scene played out to the sound of Ray Charles’ version of “America the Beautiful” (here’s the clip) .

The main characters, nine middle school-age boys who eat, sleep and breath baseball, run through their neighborhood block-party (swiping hot dogs off of picnic tables) as they head to the sandlot for a night game.  It’s the one night of the year where the firework-speckled sky allows them each to feel “…like the big leaders under the lights of some great stadium.”


Sloth Propeller

“Sloth Propeller” Recipe – Naturally Sweet Bulletproof Style Coffee

Aaaah coffee! It is to me the smell of a very good Saturday morning (because I pretty much only drink coffee on Saturdays or sometimes Sundays). 

I grew up drinking it (because, of course it’s a staple in any Colombian household!) and had my first taste when I was still a wee thing. My dad has always liked it strong topped off with a little whole milk. But me, I like it cafe con leche style: thick, creamy and sweet. But alas, that is not a health promoting option 🙁 Unless…

Unless you do it my way! Enter “Sloth Propeller”…


Jackpot Jell-O Recipe: A Kid Food that Adults Should be Eating Too!

I love an artfully plated meal just as much as the next foodie, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for the “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” sort of dishes…yogurt and (a plethora of) toppings or burrito bowls, you know, that sort of thing. But yogurt and beans don’t necessarily settle well with many of us in the “just eat real food” camp, so I came up with this recipe. By the way, when I say Jell-O, and refer to all of it’s health benefits, I’m NOT referring to the boxed brand. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not “Real Food” because it’s full of additives like: artificial flavors, food coloring and more junk plus the quality of the gelatin is not up to par if you’re looking to boost your protein intake and improve your hair, skin, nails and so so so much more. Curious yet? Keep reading to find out why it’s so much more than just a “kid food” and which brands you SHOULD be buying to improve your health and wellness. 


Mango Sorbet Recipe

Some days you crave something sweet. And not in the “I’m-a-sugar-addict” kind of way, simply in the “it’s-a-hot-summer-day-and-I’d-like-something-cold-and-refreshing” kind of way. Sure, ice cream could satisfy the craving, but then again most of the store bought sweetness is chalk full of refined sugar and rBGH dairy…not to mention it’s dairy and, well, that is often an issue for some of us.

OR, maybe you’re sitting down to watch an episode of The Flash with your husband who’s chowing down on (home-made) popcorn,but you don’t like popcorn…but you also want an equally tasty telly-snack that won’t give you muffin-top. Anybody? Anybody?! Just me? OK. Moving on…READ MORE

The Best Chocolate Birthday Cake You’ve Ever Had

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not much of a baker. It’s requires a bit more rigidity and chemistry in the kitchen than I prefer. That’s why I stick to cooking.  With that said, last week was my birthday and I really wanted cake. Not just any cake. I wanted real food, grain free, dense, creamy, cherry-chocolate cake! So I decided to “get wild” and take a stab at making my own (both for me and for you 😉 ).READ MORE

The 6 Best Chocolate Bars Ever!

Aaaah chocolate, or shall I say, cacao? The delicacy that actually does grow on trees. Known for it’s healthy fat, antioxidant, blood-pressure and cardiovascular disease lowering properties. And, also known as a classic Valentine’s Day gift. I can’t stop the chocolate craze on Valentine’s Day and I don’t really want to. But I do want to modify it, so that if you’re consuming it, you’re consuming the best of it. I’ve picked out what in my opinion are the 6 best tasting, best nutrient dense and best satisfying chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Ready?READ MORE