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Paleo Hamantaschen for Purim

When I was a little girl Purim was my favorite holiday so naturally hamantaschen were my favorite thing to eat on that holiday.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Purim let me give you a little background so you don’t feel lost the whole way through this post 😉 Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the courage of a very special woman named Esther and, of course, the Jewish people escaping total annihilation. As a kid, hearing this story was awesome because it’s got all of the components of an epic tale à la LOTR or Camelot: kings, romance, royals getting banished, a wise elder (who looks strangely Gandolf-like in all the picture books), a pauperess-turned-queen, acts of immeasurable bravery, a bad guy who gets hanged, plus it takes place in a far away land (The Persian Empire)! What’s not to love?!


Purple Potato & Cauliflower Colcannon

I was doing some research for recipe ideas so that I could come up with something really special this year for St. Patrick’s Day. Last year I did a really great Green Juice but still, I wanted to come up with something new for us. Ya see, although I’m not Irish, St. Patrick’s Day just so happens to be my Grandma’s birthday. Sadly, she’s no longer around to read the annual dedication post + recipe I write for her but I love St. Patty’s Day all the more because of her and always celebrate it!


Tiramisu Top View

Easy, Gluten-Free Tiramisu Trifle


My favorite Italian layer cake. It’s spongey, yet creamy, decadent and romantic. 

Why It’s On My List of “Favorite Cakes Ever”

I’m not sure when it entered my unofficial, mental list of “Favorite Cakes Ever”. It might have been after the time I made it as a surprise anniversary gift for my parents one year. I don’t quite remember what number anniversary it was, but I think I was in 8th grade. Anyways, they loved it! Everyone loved it! I mean there was NO leftover tiramisu. They were just so happy that my pre-teen mind had made space to both remember and do something thoughtful for them on such a special occasion. Score!

Ever since then it’s held such a special place in my mind which is why I decided to tackle coming up with my own, unique, REAL FOOD, “taste good do good”, Code to Wellness – supporting recipe for my birthday (last week).

And now, it’s finally here. I’m so excited to share it with you!

For those of you that are in the dark about Tiramisu, there really are only a few key things to know.

Mainly this:

  • it’s got a coffee-drenched cookie layer (the ladyfingers)
  • followed by a creamy, custardy layer (sabayon or zabaione)
  • sometimes the creamy layer is topped with cacao or nuts
  • it’s no bake, instead, refrigerate (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it! Lol. Sorry, you know I love corny jokes)!



Creamy Coconut N'Oatmeal (Esp for the Gallbladder Challenged)

Coconut N’oatmeal (for the Gallbladder Challenged)

You wanna know the truth?

Fat is TOTALLY phat. You can read more about that in this post by yours truly. BUT, not all fat, despite it’s incredible health benefits, is created equal. Meaning this – even though a particular type of fat may be totally phat (i.e. awesomely nutritious and health promoting) for someone else, it just might not be for you, especially if you experience digestive issues involving the gallbladder. READ MORE

Raw Paleo Granola

Raw Bowl’a Paleo Granola

Aaaah the Raw Bowl’a Paleo Granola. Has such a nice ring to it, don’t it? Well there’s more to it than that, actually. Did you know that…

When I’m feeling like lazy bum in the morning, my #1 go-to is THIS recipe? 

Why? Because this – every now and then, I get up in the morning, and I feel just sooo incredibly lazy. It’s like, I just can’t even muster the 60 seconds of effort it takes to grab a pan, turn on the stove, and dump in some coconut oil. It’s true! 

Last Monday was one of those days.


TGI Cornbread Recipe

So, I recently started up a Facebook group, in which we’ve started discussing the topic of the beginning of the “holiday stress period” i.e. The period in which we fret about gaining weight from things like:

  • The extra tastes we unconsciously graze on as we stroll through the grocery store
  • The basket of holiday cookies so thoughtfully given to us by our loved ones over which we feel guilted into eating a few…which in turn (and unbeknownst to our subconscious) morphs into devouring the entire thing
  • The surge in Cortisol from stressing about keeping our sh** together and avoiding food-and-life-shaming from the crowd of (sometimes-judgmental) 20+ people for which we’re preparing to host a gigantic holiday meal & party
  • And, probably lots more…

And then, I asked my people the following:READ MORE