Cacao Sesame Butter Cups Recipe

Wanna know something odd? When I was a kid, I thought…

Adults Never Ate Candy

My parents didn’t eat candy. Like, AT ALL. They ate the occasional square of dark chocolate here and there, but no M&M’s, Skittles, Sour Patch, Ring Pops or Snickers ever crossed their lips. So…I assumed that adults didn’t eat candy.

Until, of course, I was about four years old and I could consciously remember seeing other adults dive for my pillow-cover-trick-or-treat bag to steal it. It was then that I realized I had it wrong. Go figure…READ MORE

Papaya Popsicles

Papaya Popsicle Recipe – Improves Digestion & Response to Heat Stress

I live in Tampa. So for me and the rest of the northern hemisphere, we’re well into the warmest season of the year: Summer. And, Nothing screams summer like a popsicle. Am I right?

Think About It

On a sweltering day in July (it’s 85 plus degrees on the regular in my neck of the woods!) when even just wiggling my pinky makes me break a sweat, it makes sense that I instinctively want to load up on foods that both energize and hydrate me. As it so happens is the case with most of us. It seems to be one of those built in, primal instincts that’s stuck with us even in our modern surroundings.READ MORE

3 Natural Ways to Reduce Bloating and Fatigue

This is a guest post from Jen Broyles, Certified Health Coach specializing in digestive health, IBS and SIBO

We live in a very hectic, fast-paced world. If you’re like the majority of the population, then I imagine you run around every day at a frantic pace with a to-do list a mile long. You’re constantly on the go, and consequently, your health suffers.

Most of us don’t take time to sit down to a proper meal, the food we consume is highly processed and nutrient-deficient, and we don’t take time to relax.

After a while, your body systems start to break down, and you begin to experience unwanted symptoms. READ MORE

Bone Broth—Liquid Gold Magic Juice

Aaaaah bone broth…an ancient, savory elixir that’s been a staple in the diet of many a culture and persists in many even today. The Italians call it brodo, while the Latinos call it caldo. But despite all of these eloquent and alluring (dare we say exotic) descriptions, what exactly is it?READ MORE

Gluten-Free? Do These 3 Things to Survive & Enjoy the Holidays.

Gluten Free on Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time. My family hosts a ginormous celebration. The morning of we all wake-up early, eat a big breakfast and pretty much fast until the evening feast (aside from the occasional secret finger-full of mashed potatoes). By the time lunch rolls around the kitchen smells like a combination of pineapple glazed turkey and pumpkin pie (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!).