Able Body

A Yoga Tune Up® Workshop that Improves Posture, Eradicates Pain + Enhances Performance


ABLE BODY: A Yoga Tune Up® Workshop that Improves Posture, Eradicates Pain + Enhances Performance

October 21, 2017Tampa, FL 

Satuday | 11 AM – 1:30 PM





Are you human?
Great — then this PSA is for you.
Because whether you are a Crossfit athlete, a Kundalini Yogi, or a professional couch surfer, the way you MOVE (or don’t) matters.
Which is where I come in.
I’ve been all three of those in some regard at different points in my life and have undergone injuries, chronic pains, muscular tension, stress and stiffness, mobility & stability related issues and, of course, the tormented psyche that goes along with all of it.
I wouldn’t wish these upon anyone, but I know, from my experience as a Personal Trainer + Movement Teacher, just how common they ALL are.
And so, I bring you “Able Body” – a Yoga Tune Up® workshop designed to help you improve your posture, eradicate pain, and enhance your performance by knowing your body better.
Think of it as a guide to better movement – better WHOLE body movement – where you’ll be learning not only the science but also the practice of moving more skillfully and with less pain.  
An integral part of this workshop will be our work using the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls as tools for self-massage all over our bodies and especially in our “body blind spots” – the areas in our bodies most often overused, underused, misused or abused…by LIFE.
That work will be complemented with focused corrective exercises, functional movements and asanas (classic yogic postures) that will help us penetrate through the superficial layers of the skin and into deep layers of fascia + connective tissues to relieve and target the:
-feet + ankles
-calves + shines
-quads + hamstrings
-hips + core + back (lower, mid & upper)
-shoulders (shoulder girdle & rotator cuff)
-head + neck
Like I said, WHOLE body  
In this workshop, you will learn easy + effective techniques to:
-prevent injuries
-roll-out tension, stress, stiffness, and pain
-creative ways to tackle stability + mobility issues
-use breathing mechanics to support suppleness (when you don’t have you therapy balls) and to help downregulate your state of mind from “all the things” of the daily grind
My goal is to help you meet yourself where you’re at and empower you with the knowledge that can help you live pain + injury-free.
To know how you are stacked is to know the nuts and bolts of how you move YOU.
I promise you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and embodied in your body.
This work literally remodels your body from the inside out, making lasting changes so that your body can stay supple, mobile, strong and ABLE for your whole life.


Sparta Fitness & Martial Arts
14915 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33613 


$45 | early bird special – Get a FREE pair of Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls when you sign up before 10/13 – 11:59pm EST!

$55 | standard registration – Sign up before 10/20 – 11:59PM EST!

$65 | day-of workshop – Sign up as a walk-in!