5 Healthy, Non-Toxic Gifts for You and Your Tribe

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5 Healthy, Non-Toxic Gifts for You and Your Tribe

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re enjoying some QT with family, friends and a generous slice of pumpkin pie. I know I am 😉 

So, about this Black Friday/Cyber Monday business. I know that when this time of year comes through, it’s easy to reach for things like paraben filled perfumes and GMO-laden cookies to give as gifts. I get it. They’re easy, they’re cheap and they generally go over well. But I know, that deep down inside, you’re the kind of person that cares deeply about the friends of your family and friends. And you want more than anything to be giving them gifts that they’ll love but that will also be good for their waste-lines + keep their hormones toxin-free and happy.this year, you don’t have to. You don’t even have to reach for either of those two things. We’re giving you great, affordable alternatives right here.

This year, you don’t have to give the same old stuff everyone else always gives. This year I’m giving you great, affordable, and exciting alternatives right here.

1 – Gaiam Yoga Mat

  • Get your downward dog on so you can clear your mind and gut after the holiday feasting!

2 – Garmin Viofit Fitness Band

  • This neat little gadget tracks your movement so you can see get a quantitative reading on how active you ‘ve been all day. Motivation to keep it movin’!

3 –  Earth Mama Angel Baby A Little Something for Baby

  • Organic, natural, and toxin-free baby shampoo/body wash/bottom balm/lotion/oil combination that will leave your little one smelling of organic vanilla and sweet orange.

4 – Fagor 2-by-1 Splendid 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set

  • This stainless steel set includes 8- and 4-quart cooker pots, interchangeable pressure cooker and tempered glass lids, and steam basket with support trivet. The pots can be used as pressure cookers regular pots depending on the lid.

5 – Blendtec Total Blender

  • This is my dream blender! It’s BPA-free and this baby can do it all: smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, cappuccinos, soups, sauces and so much more. And it’s got awesome blend-down technology that I haven’t seen anywhere else, which means things don’t get stuck to the sides, they get pulled down and perfectly smoothed out.

Go fourth and shop non-toxically!

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Delfina Bonilla-Lopez

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